Meet Boris

Ex CIA Agent Boris Korczak & both the KGB & THE CIA WANTED HIM DEAD!

He worked under deep cover for the CIA.

He risked his life for the United States of America.

He was what is commonly refered to as a “Double Agent”. He Achieved the rank of Major in the KGB & all the while he was reporting everything to the CIA.

He spent SEVEN (7) YEARS spying on the Soviets.

In 1979 he was exposed by his drunk Chief of Station William Lofgren.

The KGB instantly put a price on his head.

The CIA turned their back on Korczak, refusing to help him escape from Denmark.

The CIA has NEVER PAID former CIA Agent Boris Korczak for his 7 years of work.

Korczak’s son Robert had three kidnapping attempts on him.

His wife was almost killed when her car was violently run off the road.

Being a resourceful CIA Agent had its perks in that Korczak was able to hide his family and he escaped to the United States. No thanks to the Agency.

The CIA refused to even acknowledge Korczak & he was basically an illegal alien for a long time.

Korczak had several attempts on his life in the United States including an assassination attempt when he was shot with a ricin-laced pellet. It could have been the KGB or the CIA that tried to kill him.

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