World Student Times 1983

World Student Times !

November 11, 1983
Susan Fegley Osmond ~ Students hear double agent.

On Thursday October 27, CARP at the University of Maryland sponsored a talk by Dr. Boris Korczak of Together International. Dr.Korczak, who was a double agent for the CIA, entitled his presentation “Inside the KGB.”

Addressing an audience of 100 people, Dr. Korczak explained why he decided to become a double agent.

When he was a young Hungarian revolutionary, his girl friend and several of his comrades were beaten to
death before his eyes by KGB agents. From this and other experiences he came to see the pervasive brutality of the Soviet system, and detained to devote his life to fighting it.

Korczak emigrated to Western Europe, where he became a successful international businessman. In that capacity he encountered KGB agents and arranged to do work for them. Shortly afterwards he approached the CIA and offered to be a double agent.

In his talk Korczak said the CIA needs double agents to become a more effective investigating body. He criticized some legal and Congressional encumbrances of the intelligence agency, especially the CIA’s not being allowed to follow many KGB agents onto Capitol Hill or into governmental areas because these Soviets have diplomatic immunity.

Korczak also asserted that there needs to be better communication within and between investigative organizations of the free world nations.

Together International, of which Dr. Korczak is an active member, estimates the conservative total of Moscow’s agents in the United States) to be 7,000, including 2,000 KGB agents accredited as diplomats, and 5,000 undercover spies serving as the Soviet Union’s ‘Fifth Column.’ questions and answers concluded Korczak’s presentation.

Immediately afterwards he was surrounded by fascinated students, with an informal discussion continuing for an hour.